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Looking for Restaurants in Belfast?  Our Restaurant Directory brings you all the best eating establishments in the City.  There is something to suit everyone, so whether you are looking for cheap and cheerful or fine dining, there is a option available for you.

Belfast has a growing restaurant scene, with a range of eating establishments on a par with any major UK city. With a budge to suit all ranges, our guide offers you a wonderful choice of dining out locations.

A Great Choice Of Belfast Restaurants!

With a number of celebrity chefs owning restaurants in the city and surrounding area, you can sample food at its very best. Everything from Chinese to Thai to traditional Irish fayre, there is indeed something there to satisfy every palate! We hope you enjoy dining in whatever Belfast restaurant you choose.

Its fair to say that Belfast wasn’t always renowned for top class cuisine. Its probably only in the last 15 years , with the progression of the peace agreement, that the city began to flourish with regards to fine dining.

Success, of course, breeds success, which meant that the bar was steadily raised as more and more chefs began to launch their own eateries and bring a wealth of food choice to locals and visitors alike.

Belfast in Northern Ireland is one of the best places for foodies around the world and we provide you an effective guide for the best restaurants in Belfast.
Pristine environment and benign climate, history and culture have ensured excellent, fresh and top quality food in and around the place. You can enjoy one of the best seafood, dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables selections

Remarkable ethnic, local, cultural cuisines, spectacular seafood, traditional fish and chips, healthy organic edibles, perfect gourmets, appetizing sweet dishes, incredible bakery delights, best quality wine, there is something for everyone!
With Belfast restaurants, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a vegan or meat lover or both, seafood fancier, health conscious person, sweet lover and bakery fan or love to sample traditional as well as modern cuisine, you can be rest assured that you will find a great eating joint for it!

What makes it truly remarkable is the rare combination of taste, health and nutrition. Belfast provides great food at a variety of price range. You can have cheap,  as well as refined dinning according to your choice.
The number of restaurants in Belfast is increasing day by day and there is tough competition among them to better themselves which only works to your benefit. Our range of eateries match up to any given major city in the UK. Many well known chefs have their establishments here and more and more new celebrity chefs are opening their restaurants in Belfast.

Thai, Continental, Chinese, Mexican and other major international cuisines are also available in plenty in addition to the traditional fares. Food is an integral aspect of a visit to Belfast. Brace yourselves to be inspired by our excellent recommendations!

Some of the very best Belfast restaurants are:

• Beatrice Kennedy’s in the Queen’s quarter
• Little Italy of Amelie Street
• The Moghul at Botanic Avenue
• Ginger Bistro of Hope Street
• Obento in the Royal Avenue
• The National Grande Café at High Street
• Le Coop Belfast of Hill Street
• Made In Belfast located in Wellington Street and Talbot Street
• Chopin Grand Café at St. Anne’s Square
• Rhubarb Belfast of Little Victoria Street
• Zen Restaurant Belfast in Adelaide Street
• Mourne Seafood Restaurant of bank Street
• AM:PM Belfast at Upper Arthur Street

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