Villa Italia

Villa Italia boats seatng for over 300 diners -  its been establishedon the South side of Belfast in the active University region for sixteen years.

A listed Georgian building, its achievement as one of Belfast’s most fashionable restaurants, keeps ono growing, and is apparent by the queues which build on a steady basis outside the door all weekends,  rain, hail or snow!

Whilst seated under trellises of juicy grapes, encircled by murals of Italian countryside, terracotta tiles, the delicate aroma of garlic in the air and even Italian talking waiters amidst our staff, one can’t help but feel shipped to La Bella Italia itself!

The menu at Villa Italia never jades as it is altered seasonally which adds a freshness and fervour to the customer's palette. The far-reaching menu is traditionally Italian and is certain to delight whatever your preference. At Villa Italia you will feel at home whatever your age or background as the patronage ranges from students to couples out for a romantic night, to families large and smaller seated around the table in that honorable Italian custom, talking about life, over plates of pasta and pizza.

Children are openly invited at Villa Italia. Weekend evenings there is face painting for the young ones and colouring pages are provided on a day-to-day basis for the older ones.

37 – 41 University Road