Bia Restaurant


bia belfastBia is one of those must-sees for anyone looking for an authentic Northern Irish experience. Whether they are visiting or living nearby, Bia has something extraordinary to offer.

The restaurant is based in the Gaeltacht quarter of the city, in the Culturlann building in West Belfast, so it is no wonder this Irish bistro is attracting so much attention.

The building in which the restaurant is situated also boasts a souvenir shop, so visitors can take away more than just full bellies when they pay a visit to this establishment.

Expect the restaurant to be at its busiest on from Thursday right through to Saturday. The restaurant is not always packed to the rafters during these nights, but it is definitely a good idea to book in advance for anything looking for an evening meal at the restaurant over the weekend.

One of the more appealing facets about a visit to Bia is that the menu is so unique. While patrons can expect a wide range of authentic Irish dishes, they can also feast on dishes inspired by Asian fusion, as well as simple, yet delicious sandwiches. Most who pay a visit to this restaurant will recommend that patrons try the steak, since this tends to be one of the restaurant’s specialities.

Pricing is very fair for the meals served at Bia, but it is the BYO option that really has heads spinning. The staff is friendly and welcoming, but then again, so is the environment. There is something about the candlelight that welcomes Patrons in on cold, windy Northern Irish nights.

The decor is simple, yet cosy and it complements the food very well. The combination of the great pricing, warm environment and quality food seems to attract families and groups of friends just as easily as it does couples who are searching for a romantic night on the town.

The Bia is fast becoming one of Belfast’s highly regarded secrets and it is for good reason. It seems that this establishment knows what clients are looking for in a quality dining experience.



216 Falls Road,


BT12 6AH

Telephone: 02890964184