Cafe Vaudville Belfast


Café Vaudeville on Arthur Street constitutes a striking transformation from its past purpose as a bank. The building is dedciated to the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement – the ‘New Style’ that was  fashionable at the start of the 20th century. Café Vaudeville’s inner, adopts an array of genuine design influences wound attractively with a modern twist. The Art Nouveau charm is evident throughout the interior.

Café Vaudeville’s  upper floor is really a first for Belfast. Ireland’s first ‘Bolli’ Bar seizes the very heart and soul of Café Vaudeville, an invite only privileged champagne bar, serving Bollinger as its  brand, for limited invitees. Café Vaudeville’s Bolli Bar provides unrivalled class and devoted personal service to the exclusive members of ‘Vaudeville Society’.

Café Vaudeville's  coffee shop opens 11.30 am Monday to Saturday with lunch dished between 12-3 pm and the restaurant serves dinner 5-9 pm Tuesday through to Saturday. The establishment is open until 1 am 6 days a week, and closed on Sundays.

25 Arthur Street