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Acapulco Restaurant

Acapulco Restaurant


Acapulco is becoming a popular name both in the south and in Northern Ireland, and this is because the establishment knows how to give people value for money. As most diners would expect from a traditional Mexican restaurant, the menu boasts the usual favourites, including nachos, enchiladas and burritos. The food is spicy, and the portions large, which diners will enjoy. Those visiting Acapulco will have a variety of menus to choose from, depending on when they visit, including the lunch, dinner, early bird and kids menu.

If diners think that the large portions and warm atmosphere is all that the establishment has to offer, think again. Food presentation is high on the venue’s list of priorities, so diners can expect quality in this area.

Diners cannot expect an authentic dining experience without the drinks to match, which is why patrons can often be seen ordering the margaritas to go along with their spicy dishes. When it comes to service, the staff are friendly and always willing to help, which makes for a nice touch, especially when it gets very busy.

If there was one thing that Acapulco might want to work on it is their online presence – their websites could definitely do with an upgrade.

The restaurant itself is not all that big, and this can make it difficult for diners to get a table when it gets busy. It can also be difficult for large parties to get a table together, so putting together this type of event might seem some forethought and planning. When it comes to decor, the establishment is colourful and inviting, and makes for a great backdrop for an authentic and enjoyable experience. This is definitely the type of place where diners can enjoy an evening with their family, without worrying about upsetting other diners having a quiet meal.

Those thinking of visiting Acapulco will not be disappointed with the simple, but tasty meal selection, creative and warm environment and the friendly staff. This is quickly becoming a favourite for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts throughout Belfast.


257 Upper Newtownards Road,


Telephone: 028 9029 6400


4th Wall Restaurant

4th Wall Restaurant

4Th Wall Brings a Touch of Drama to Dining Experience

The 4th Wall brings a bit of dramatic flair to the dining experience, and derives its name from what it believes to be the “imaginary wall” that separates the audience from the stage. The fact that the restaurant’s name is associated with the stage is no coincidence – it actually overlooks the MAC theatre and many of its patrons are theatre goers.

The venue is based in Saint Anne’s Square, which is a beautiful area situated within the Cathedral Quarter. The venue is perfectly suited to its area, and welcomes patrons with a dramatic black and white themed exterior.

Diners will not find themselves low on variety when visiting 4th Wall as there are a variety of menus to choose from, including an a la carte, pre theatre, kids, Sunday, lunch and express lunch menu. The restaurant focuses on Irish cuisine, and prides itself on sourcing local produce. The meals range from wholesome, large portions to more elegant meals, so there is something for everyone, for just about every occasion.

The pre theatre menu tends to be a very popular option with visitors, who can expect to enjoy two courses for £15.95 or three courses for £17.95. The a la carte menu boasts options such as the Venison Saddle for £18.50 and the 10oz Chargrilled Ribeye for £22.50. The menu prices are fair for the quality and portion diners receive, although not quite as affordable as many diners would like.

For drinks, diners can look forward to a large wine and cocktail selection. Friendly and knowledgeable staff only add to the quality of the experience.

There is definitely a buzz about 4th Wall, and it has added to this by closely associating with the theatre. A lot of effort has gone into “setting the stage” as it were, for a great dining experience, and it is up to patrons to ensure that this opportunity is not taken wasted. Anyone visiting the theatre, or just out for a few cocktails, will not want to give this venue a miss.


Saint Anne’s Square,

Talbot St, Belfast


Telephone: 028 9027 8707

Little Lily’s Bistro

Little Lily’s Bistro

Little Lily’s Bistro is the kind of place that serves good, honest food for great prices, so it is no wonder that people continue to flock to this restaurant. The establishment is set in East Belfast and has quickly become a local treasure.

This restaurant prides itself on serving only high quality, Northern Irish ingredients, while focusing on providing its clientele with a broad enough menu to keep things interesting.

A lot of care has gone into ensuring that the food presentation is top notch, and this is evident by every plate that is sent out of the kitchen. The overall decor is unique and eye catching, yet comfortable enough to be welcoming to groups of friends and those who are simply out, looking for a cup of coffee.

Visitors can pick from a brunch, lunch and dinner menu when visiting Little Lily’s Bistro. The brunch menu includes the beloved Ulster Fry for £6.75, which comes with sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, beans, fried eggs, black pudding and potato and soda bread.

For lunch, visitors should give the steak, egg and chips a try for £10.95. When it comes to dinner, the Ribeye steak at £17.95 is simply not to be missed. This dish comes with potato rosti, pot roast shallots and a chop house butter and rocket salad. Guests can choose to add wild mushroom sauce or peppercorn sauce for an extra £1.50.

Food quality is not all that this establishment is known for – it takes presentation just as seriously. Every dish is garnished to perfection and often looks like something that might be found in a top class restaurant in some of the biggest cities in the world.

Little Lily’s Bistro might appear small and somewhat boutique-like in nature, but this establishment really packs a punch when it comes to quality. The staff members are friendly and helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to looking after their customers.

Anyone looking for a top class experience at a local establishment need look no further than Little Lily’s Bistro.


223 Castlereagh Rd, Belfast, Antrim BT5 5FH


028 9045 4287

The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse has called itself the home of the best steaks in Belfast and most diners would agree with that. This restaurant is owned by a butcher who comes from a farming family and so diners should expect that the establishment knows how to pick the best cuts there are. All of the beef used within the restaurant is bred locally, before being aged for at least 21 days.

The trademark of the Porterhouse restaurant is the Porterhouse steak, which comes in a 22oz size. This T-bone is then accompanied by a range of sides, including chips, mushrooms and a variety of mouth watering sauces.

Those who do not enjoy beef will have a lot to look forward to when visiting this establishment – while it specializes in beef, this is most certainly not all it has to offer. The establishment also boasts a broad menu that includes the freshest seafood, chicken, pork and even vegetarian options. Patrons will be happy to know that all of the items on the menu are locally sourced and made on the restaurant premises, and this includes the ice cream and the bread.

A great dining experience is not complete without a drinks selection, and Porterhouse offers a variety of cocktails, as well as a wine menu, to accompany their meals. The menu itself is not very diverse, but the restaurant has invested in increasing the quality of the selection, rather than the quantity.

The cost of the meals range from £10.95 to £28.95, which ensures that patrons will be able to choose a meal option that suits their tastes and their budgets. There are a variety of specials to pick from, including a Steak Dinner for 2 at £35. Patrons should be aware the restaurant is only open for dinner, except for Sundays, when it is open for lunch.

For a quality steak, locals and visitors don’t have to look much further than the Porterhouse restaurant in Belfast.


245 Lisburn Road, BT9 7EN



The Square

The Square

The Square is a chic, and somewhat more formal dining establishment that is situated on Dublin road in Belfast. This establishment is perhaps best known for the quality of its food, but most diners will not be able to find fault with the serving staff. For these reasons, among many others, most diners have high expectations when they visit The Square and they are usually not disappointed.

When ordering at The Square, diners will be able to pick from the a la carte menu or the set menu, which has up to three courses. What makes the second option very appealing is that there are a variety of options to pick from within each course, as well as a bottle of wine to top it all off.

The service continues to impress, and while many patrons view the staff as being somewhat formal, others really take pleasure in having the space to enjoy their afternoon or evening. Furthermore, the staff are always willing to go the extra mile in order to make their guests feel at home, and this tends to make it worth the increase in price. The prices of their a la carte meals range from £14.95 to £24.95.

The decor is tasteful, yet simple, and this echoes the style of the food itself. Guests can choose from simple, earthy meals, such as roast lamb, to the more exotic Hake with romesco crust. The variety in the menu ensures that diners can have their pick of some of their favourite dishes, as well as get the chance to be more adventurous with their choices.

It is usually a good idea to make a booking when planning a trip to The Square over the weekend, especially on days when the restaurant is boasting a special. On weekdays, however, there are usually seats available within the restaurant.

When it comes to quality, The Square knows what diners are looking for and it offers this and so much more besides.


89 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HF

Failte Belfast

Failte Belfast

One of the most popular destinations for the locals of Falls Road, Belfast is Failte, a real, Irish-style restaurant that serves up warm, hearty meals at reasonable prices. Failte is owned by Niall McGinn, a Scottish Premier League player for Aberdeen. This alone is enough to pique the attention of locals and visitors, but while it might be enough to draw the crowds, the food is more than enough to keep them coming back for more.

This place is usually buzzing with locals throughout the week, but it is especially busy on days when the restaurant offers some of its specials. Diners will want to be aware that booking a table is usually a good idea when visiting this establishment, and that waiting times could increase with the influx of the crowds. This is usually not a problem with diners, but it could be with those who are on a tighter schedule.

The restaurant specializes in beef, so diners should not miss out on giving this dish of choice a try. One of the best things about ordering a steaming plate of Irish cuisine from Failte is that the portions are quite large, and have a sort of a rustic charm. Most of the food is simple, but tasty, which means that diners can expect to walk away satisfied that they have spent their money well.

Although there are specials running throughout the week, Steak Tuesdays are exciting because diners can get their hands on a Sirloin, complete with chips and mushrooms, for only £9.95. This special runs between 16:00 and 21:00. The restaurant also boasts a variety of set menus where diners can pick from a one, two or three course meal for between £7.95 and £11.95.

Those who are looking to enjoy the great food without leaving the comfort of their own homes can call for delivery – Failte delivers within a 3 mile radius for only £1.50.

When a diner chooses to visit Failte, they will get the chance to rub shoulders with the locals and to dine as they do. The restaurant now boasts a branch on Castle street in Belfast.


147 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6AF



The West Cafe

The West Cafe

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages at the West Cafe

The West Cafe is a small, but tasteful establishment in the heart of the city centre. This venue specialises in British cuisine and serves only breakfast and brunch, but anyone looking for a burst of flavour in every bite will certainly not want to miss this place.

Weekends tend to get very busy, so customers should expect to wait a few minutes for a table if they intend on visiting during the peak hours. Luckily, the staff tend to be very efficient, so patrons will not need to worry about waiting too long – lines for the counter usually move very quickly and food is fast to leave the kitchen, so patrons will not wait very long for a seat.

For a breakfast establishment, the West Cafe has a very wide selection of dishes. The restaurant specializes in its unique sandwiches, which tend to surprise customers on a regular basis, particularly because of the high quality ingredients that are used. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and this is something that customers appreciate in an establishment that serves brunch. Patrons will have a good chance of talking to the owner, who likes to welcome clients to the restaurant by stopping at various tables throughout the morning.

Customers will need to keep in mind that the establishment is small, but this adds to the cosy atmosphere of the place, especially during the cold, winter months. The decor is clean and simple and so is the presentation of the food, and customers will be happy to know that the pricing is really great. The food portions are certainly not small at all, so customers will get a great start to their day when they choose to visit the West Cafe.

Overall, these perks make the establishment a great place for a get together of family and friends. Due to the convenient location, this tends to be a popular destination for shoppers, as well as for anyone exploring the sights and sounds of the city of Belfast. The West Cafe is certainly not to be missed.


28 Castle Street, Unit 3, Belfast BT1 1HB


Shimla Indian Restaurant

Shimla Indian Restaurant

Shimla received the Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and is known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Belfast, even with the stiff competition that exists for this title within the city. The establishment also delivers, although patrons will not want to miss actually visiting the restaurant for a top quality dining experience.

There are a variety of dishes that will have customers coming back time and time again, including the Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala and the Mixed Tandori Platter. The latter is made up of succulent peices of chicken, lamb and even sheek kebab and gives patrons a taste of the various meats offered by the restaurant.

Not only is this establishment well known for the attention that is put into preparing their food, but the staff are so welcoming that customers will have a hard time leaving. With the attention that is showered on the patrons, it is no wonder that the restaurant is packed to the brim on the weekends.

The cost of the food is very fair. Customers can expect dishes to range from £2.95 to £8.00, which is very reasonable. The menu is extremely big, which means patrons will have no difficulty in finding their favourite dishes, including some new and exciting additions. Adventurous diners will have an exciting time picking out specials that they might not have previously had the chance to try and this can really add to the excitement of a night out.

The meals are presented very nicely and each dish looks as good as it tastes. Anyone looking to try something new will be happy to know that the staff are knowledgeable and will be more than happy to make suggestions.

Patrons who choose to dine at Shimla once will usually continue returning to the restaurant time and time again. The decor and lighting complements late night dining, which is usually when the majority of patrons tend to pay a visit to the establishment.

Anyone looking for a top class dining experience will be happy to know that Shimla has all of this to offer and so much more besides.


396 Woodstock Road, Belfast, BT6 9DQ



James Street South

James Street South

Patrons usually have high expectations when they visit James Street South for the first time because this establishment has a reputation for high quality food. Customers will not be disappointed – after all, there is a reason the restaurant received the Certificate of Excellence for 2014.

The restaurant boasts European cuisine and is conveniently located in the city centre, which means that it is a popular spot for those who are visiting the theatre. The restaurant offers a pre-theatre menu, which makes it easy for patrons to enjoy an evening at the venue before going off to watch a show.

The restaurant is somewhat pricey, with meals ranging between £18 and £75, which means that customers usually reserve their visits for special occasions. In most instances, customers usually find that the experience is more than worth the cost, especially because of the quality of the food.

James Street South has just undergone a renovation, so even established patrons will likely be unable to recognise it – except for the quality of the food. Everything from the decor to the crockery has been replaced to ensure they complement the current theme of the establishment.

It is not only the food at James Street South that patrons have to look forward to – the establishment also boasts a tantalizing dessert menu that includes an unforgettable blackberry soufflé. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive wine menu that will perfectly complement each meal and staff members will be happy to make recommendations for those who are unsure about which options to pick.

When it comes to dishes, diners might want to try the truffle risotto, which is highly recommended, or perhaps opt for the braised Venison, which is particularly appealing for meat lovers.

While the restaurant is very popular, patrons will usually find an empty table on the weekends. Still, it is advised that customers make a booking beforehand, just in case they choose to visit on a particularly busy weekend.

James Street South is offering customers the chance to experience something truly memorable when they choose to dine out and this makes this establishment worth every penny.


21 James Street South,

BT 2 7GA, Belfast



Safa Restaurant

Safa Restaurant

Safa is yet another quality Indian establishment within the heart of Belfast that the locals have come to love. This establishment is just around the corner from another popular beloved Belfast destination – Kelly’s Cellars – and in order to reach it, patrons simply need to climb a stairwell.

The restaurant received a Certificate of Excellence for the year 2014 and specializes in authentic Indian cuisine. While most guests will want to ensure that they book a table, just in case the restaurant is busy, this is not always necessary.

The interior of the restaurant is warm and tastefully decorated. Although the restaurant is located above one of the noisiest pubs in the city, it is difficult to notice when seated in the establishment. The wall art is interesting, yet simple, and the large windows allow light to flood the entire place.

There are some patrons who feel the dish portions could be larger, but the taste more than makes up for this. The restaurant boasts a wide variety of creative dishes, including Tandoori king prawns, onion bhajee and Tandoori spicy wings.

Meals are presented very nicely and this adds to the appeal of each and every dish. The menu is big enough to provide patrons with interesting choices, but not so large that the decisions are overwhelming.

The cost of the food ranges from £6 to £14, depending on the dish of choice, so it is also one of the more affordable restaurants within the city. The restaurant boasts a comprehensive drinks menu, allowing patrons the opportunity to complement their meal with the beverage of their choice.

Safa is a clean, warm place to join friends and family for a night out, and because of its location, it tends to be ideal for those who are looking for a quick bite before catching a show. The staff is very friendly, warm and welcoming and will be happy to provide suggestions on menu choices, if required.

Overall, Safa has become a quality, authentic dining experience for anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine in a clean, affordable establishment.


30 – 32 Bank Street,

Belfast, BT1 1HL



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