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Scalini Restaurant Belfast

Scalini Restaurant Belfast

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Straight from your dreams of perfect pasta, pizza and the Italian score is Scalini's.  Ever a firm fixture on Botanic Avenue, you can see from the moment you step in you’ll be set for a trip across Europe to the old country itself.  No matter what the weather is, you’ll immediately feel as if you’re in a remote warm location in Italy.

  At first you’ll be asked if you’d like a drink.  To not have a chilled glass of white or an organised cold beer would be wrong.  You’re here to relax.  You’re here to allow every sumptuous element take its measure and transport you to practical perfection.

  The restaurant was started in 2001.  Ever since it’s made its mark for Italian eateries across the city.

  With three floors, each one with its own character and set design, around and above you, there’s the probability that you could boast travelling to idealistic areas of Italy’s back garden without ever leaving South Belfast.

  Scallinis can cater for your exciting meal out, your special birthday and even the regulatory Sunday meal with the family.  Here you can warmly join family and friends together. 

  Become inaugurated in Italian hospitality and take advantage of the extensive wine list.  Bask in the rustic scenery around you.  And swallow the hearty Italian fare that needs to be tasted to be believed.

  With heavy experience in cooking and people’s needs, the chefs at Scallinis can easily cater for any special needs.  Whether it be a different pasta shape you prefer or you require a Gluten Free Pasta, Scallinis is well equipped to throw out the best in Italian foods.

  Make sure you try and pass along the garlic bread.

Address: 85 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JL

Telephone: 028 90320303


Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

The latest addition to Victoria Square’s complex is the Italian sensation of Prezzo.  The New York-ish type decor and seating arrangements allow all sizes of groups to be accommodated.  This includes outside seating for summer days when the Belfast buzz gets going.

Traditional pizza is a must as we’ve become accustomed so much with Take-Away.  Now we have Prezzo who look after fresh ingredients, insist on readily over baked pizza base and serve with a European flavour that is distinguished the moment you start to bite.  But is pizza isn’t your thing, their pasta dishes are beyond perfection.

If after these you have time and room for dessert, always take up the recommendations of the staff.  They’ll probably introduce you to something you’ve never had before.  And that’s what part of eating out experience is about.

Despite all this class, you can certainly bring the kids.  In fact you’re implored to – with an impressive menu for them at the most bargained price seen at any restaurant, you now know there’ll be a space to be made for them.

But if its adults only then why not indulge in the extensive wine menu – as well as other alcoholic drinks being on offer?  The invitation is too high not to.  Within stylish surroundings and ultimately comfortable booths, you can find yourself in an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere.

And to be totally seasonal when it comes to the summer you have to keep your eyes peeled for the incoming menu revitalisation.  Beautiful new items appear to suit sunny day’s taste buds.  Perfect with that white wine you’ll be selecting from the shelf.

For those of you who are social network wizs, follow Prezzo on Twitter: @love_prezzo for updated and exclusive offers.

Prezzo, Victoria Square, Belfast, BT1 4QB

Telephone: 028 90311641

Chubby Cherub

Chubby Cherub

Looking for something that will light up your night? Maybe the Chubby Cherub is the answer!  Something quaint and quiet to either chat discreetly or look longingly into someone else’s eyes.

And who knows better than creating this type of atmosphere that those with their hearts of Italian flavour? However it’s the authentic Italian food here that is the real seal of the deal.
There’s simply nothing quite like this gem which could almost be hiding out of sight. Each week they have a special (keep an eye on their website for this). Their beer range is a little more unusual than other restaurants. And it’s just as if you could sit there for hours.

If anything is a real shock it’s probably that of stepping out off the Chubby Cherub at the end of your visit and realising that you’re back in Belfast.

Open from lunch time you could be in for the rush – so do book where possible. But it’ll be worth it. If you want a classic pizza, you’ll get it traditional produced – via a Woodstone Pizza Oven. Nothing can look or taste as impressive and a straight out of the oven delight disc.

And always give the smiling staff the compliment they deserve. It all rounds up like one of their pizzas itself. Delicious, fulfilling and a flutter in one’s heart to someday return.

49A Upper Arthur Street,

Belfast, BT1 4GH
Telephone: 028 90312964

Villa Italia

Villa Italia

Villa Italia boats seatng for over 300 diners -  its been establishedon the South side of Belfast in the active University region for sixteen years.

A listed Georgian building, its achievement as one of Belfast’s most fashionable restaurants, keeps ono growing, and is apparent by the queues which build on a steady basis outside the door all weekends,  rain, hail or snow!

Whilst seated under trellises of juicy grapes, encircled by murals of Italian countryside, terracotta tiles, the delicate aroma of garlic in the air and even Italian talking waiters amidst our staff, one can’t help but feel shipped to La Bella Italia itself!

The menu at Villa Italia never jades as it is altered seasonally which adds a freshness and fervour to the customer's palette. The far-reaching menu is traditionally Italian and is certain to delight whatever your preference. At Villa Italia you will feel at home whatever your age or background as the patronage ranges from students to couples out for a romantic night, to families large and smaller seated around the table in that honorable Italian custom, talking about life, over plates of pasta and pizza.

Children are openly invited at Villa Italia. Weekend evenings there is face painting for the young ones and colouring pages are provided on a day-to-day basis for the older ones.

37 – 41 University Road

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