Acapulco Restaurant


Acapulco is becoming a popular name both in the south and in Northern Ireland, and this is because the establishment knows how to give people value for money. As most diners would expect from a traditional Mexican restaurant, the menu boasts the usual favourites, including nachos, enchiladas and burritos. The food is spicy, and the portions large, which diners will enjoy. Those visiting Acapulco will have a variety of menus to choose from, depending on when they visit, including the lunch, dinner, early bird and kids menu.

If diners think that the large portions and warm atmosphere is all that the establishment has to offer, think again. Food presentation is high on the venue’s list of priorities, so diners can expect quality in this area.

Diners cannot expect an authentic dining experience without the drinks to match, which is why patrons can often be seen ordering the margaritas to go along with their spicy dishes. When it comes to service, the staff are friendly and always willing to help, which makes for a nice touch, especially when it gets very busy.

If there was one thing that Acapulco might want to work on it is their online presence – their websites could definitely do with an upgrade.

The restaurant itself is not all that big, and this can make it difficult for diners to get a table when it gets busy. It can also be difficult for large parties to get a table together, so putting together this type of event might seem some forethought and planning. When it comes to decor, the establishment is colourful and inviting, and makes for a great backdrop for an authentic and enjoyable experience. This is definitely the type of place where diners can enjoy an evening with their family, without worrying about upsetting other diners having a quiet meal.

Those thinking of visiting Acapulco will not be disappointed with the simple, but tasty meal selection, creative and warm environment and the friendly staff. This is quickly becoming a favourite for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts throughout Belfast.


257 Upper Newtownards Road,


Telephone: 028 9029 6400