Chubby Cherub

Looking for something that will light up your night? Maybe the Chubby Cherub is the answer!  Something quaint and quiet to either chat discreetly or look longingly into someone else’s eyes.

And who knows better than creating this type of atmosphere that those with their hearts of Italian flavour? However it’s the authentic Italian food here that is the real seal of the deal.
There’s simply nothing quite like this gem which could almost be hiding out of sight. Each week they have a special (keep an eye on their website for this). Their beer range is a little more unusual than other restaurants. And it’s just as if you could sit there for hours.

If anything is a real shock it’s probably that of stepping out off the Chubby Cherub at the end of your visit and realising that you’re back in Belfast.

Open from lunch time you could be in for the rush – so do book where possible. But it’ll be worth it. If you want a classic pizza, you’ll get it traditional produced – via a Woodstone Pizza Oven. Nothing can look or taste as impressive and a straight out of the oven delight disc.

And always give the smiling staff the compliment they deserve. It all rounds up like one of their pizzas itself. Delicious, fulfilling and a flutter in one’s heart to someday return.

49A Upper Arthur Street,

Belfast, BT1 4GH
Telephone: 028 90312964