Giacomo’s Pizza

Giacomo’s Pizza represents just about everything a patron might have come to expect of a quality Italian restaurant. It all begins with the setting and the owners have put in a lot of time and effort to give the establishment the look of an upmarket restaurant without making it appear too pretentious. Ultimately, this means that it doubles as the perfect establishment for a romantic night out, as well as the venue for a family outing.

Since this is an Italian restaurant, patrons should expect a lot of pasta and pizza to appear on the menu – but of course, this is clear by the name of the establishment, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The restaurant also boasts a quality wine bar, as well as a wide variety of scrumptious Italian desserts.

Pricing is particularly appealing for anyone looking to dine at Giacomo’s Pizza. In many instances, you can get a really good dinner for two people, including drinks, for under £30. The portions tend to be quite large, so patrons will walk out with the knowledge that they got their money’s worth.

One of the more unique things about Giacomo’s Pizza is that patrons will likely get the chance to meet the owner, who often ventures out of the kitchen in order to greet his guests. This is very common with Italian restaurants and it adds a really nice touch to the overall experience.

It isn’t really necessary to make a booking when visiting the restaurant, even on the weekends, because it is fairly large. Expect a boisterous crowd when the restaurant gets busy, however. Due to the overall layout of the place, when it is empty, it tends not to feel that way.

Staff members are very friendly and they know their stuff. Whether patrons are asking for food recommendations or wine suggestions, they should be able to guide their guests in the right direction.

Giacomo’s Pizza is the sort of place that patrons will visit regularly, if not simply to try all of the desserts on the menu.


42 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 5BQ


028 90665588