Ginger Bistro


One of the reasons why a night out at a great restaurant is always considered a great night is because of the notion that it’s safe for everyone. Clean. Desired. Relaxed.
The Manager and Head Chef of Ginger Bistro, Simon McCance knows this well enough to ensure that it’s a solid policy.
Now with several awards under its belt, they now have The Bridgestone and a few Michelin Guide awards to prove what quality really means.
Like any good restaurant close to entertainment (in this case the Grand Opera House) the Ginger Bistro insists on having a Pre-Theatre menu. Whatever you catch at the theatre will be eclipsed by the magnificence of this restaurant’s features.

A sumptuous desert list on the menu to keep you seated and sweeted. A vegetarian menu to appeal to a larger demograph. A reasonably priced wine list to help you enjoy more.
The Bistro is just about displaying the best in Irish craic. Service. Food. Atmosphere. A strong contender for one of the best night’s in the city.

7-8 Hope Street, Belfast, BT12 5EE
Telephone: 028 90244421