Home Restaurant

‘Money can buy you a house but it can’t buy you a home,’ they say. However when it comes to Home Restaurant, a little money can buy you similar comforts. Their slogan ‘Feel Good Food’ is very much their heart. Where you can grab a warm meal the likes of which are inspired by those which are created in traditional farmhouses.

Originally as a POP-UP restaurant in a Belfast back street, Home Restaurant’s popularity extended its stay in the city. Now it’s in plain sight, close to City Hall, establishing itself as a firm fixture of the scenery that Belfast folk are so proud of.
The whole ideaology hasn’t changed, even if the location has.

Wholesome and comforting food is the aim of the game. From 10am it’s a simple coffee and pastry affair. However the tastes that are to be experienced are nothing simple. They’re extraordinary – putting us back to a time when we would be treated from the greatest local produce. Once 11am kicks it you can have a fabulous deli lunch.

The assortment of soups and salads and sandwiches should astound. You can sit in or take away if you’re needed elsewhere.
Then 12noon steps in and it’s officially time for the restaurant itself to flourish. And whatever your dietary needs, Home Restaurant has it all covered. Whether you are a vegetarian or watching one’s intake of calories, the menus available can help you track down exactly what you need.
Best to call for reservations when it comes to the weekend.

Home Restaurant has attracted all sorts of credible attention, and allows us to see the great attitudes of Belfast catering.

Address: Wellington Place, Belfast, BT1 6GE