James Street South

Patrons usually have high expectations when they visit James Street South for the first time because this establishment has a reputation for high quality food. Customers will not be disappointed – after all, there is a reason the restaurant received the Certificate of Excellence for 2014.

The restaurant boasts European cuisine and is conveniently located in the city centre, which means that it is a popular spot for those who are visiting the theatre. The restaurant offers a pre-theatre menu, which makes it easy for patrons to enjoy an evening at the venue before going off to watch a show.

The restaurant is somewhat pricey, with meals ranging between £18 and £75, which means that customers usually reserve their visits for special occasions. In most instances, customers usually find that the experience is more than worth the cost, especially because of the quality of the food.

James Street South has just undergone a renovation, so even established patrons will likely be unable to recognise it – except for the quality of the food. Everything from the decor to the crockery has been replaced to ensure they complement the current theme of the establishment.

It is not only the food at James Street South that patrons have to look forward to – the establishment also boasts a tantalizing dessert menu that includes an unforgettable blackberry soufflé. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive wine menu that will perfectly complement each meal and staff members will be happy to make recommendations for those who are unsure about which options to pick.

When it comes to dishes, diners might want to try the truffle risotto, which is highly recommended, or perhaps opt for the braised Venison, which is particularly appealing for meat lovers.

While the restaurant is very popular, patrons will usually find an empty table on the weekends. Still, it is advised that customers make a booking beforehand, just in case they choose to visit on a particularly busy weekend.

James Street South is offering customers the chance to experience something truly memorable when they choose to dine out and this makes this establishment worth every penny.


21 James Street South,

BT 2 7GA, Belfast