Le Coop Belfast

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Like chicken? But don’t want to go to the mass marketed chains of fast food? Maybe Le Coop is the answer.
From the makers of the fabulous and popular “Made in Belfast” comes the newest experience in dining. Specifically to do with poultry.

With “Made in Belfast” you got a bizarre and warm surrounding. Here you can expect the same. Staff are on their toes to help and recommend.

The feeling becomes like that of a Friday. And if you think that’s cool, you should pop in on an actual Friday. The brilliant, “Thank Cluck it’s Friday” option allows you and someone dear to you to have an upmarket dinner including wine and dessert at a knockdown price.

The traits of Le Coop’s sibling restaurants have come to fruition once more. Cocktails of grandeur are available. An almost exclusive feeling atmosphere can be had.

Skilled chefs know every which way to prepare your meal. Le Coop has become a welcome addition to the area that sports culture and a gear up to make any day of the week feel like the weekend.

39 Hill Street, Belfast
Telephone: 028 95458120