Little Italy

We all think we know pizza when we deal with it. Usually dished up by the major delivery chains or frozen from the supermarket…but maybe you haven't tried Little Italy!

Because a taste of Italy lies simply within Belfast. Custom made for all its customers, usually in front of them, Little Italy has been robbing Belfast citizens of their hearts for its delicious European feel.

Mainly seen as a TakeAway, you could be forgiven for thinking Little Italy is just a TakeAway. But its popularity has been firm – due to the love and creativity that the staff have for awesome catering.
Granted the opening hours are more suited for late night TakeAways.But this is quite novel.

It could be the Romance tie needed at all hours. There doesn’t seem to be any quams with it being one of the best. It’s almost the treat waiting, and needing, to happen.

With everyone’s holiday budgets being held back, it’s a strong bet that Little Italy will be the next best thing to help transport you away to that European Haven of wholesome foods and lighted up nights.
And it all starts with a floury base…

13 Amelie Street, Belfast, BT2 7GS
Telephone: 028 90314914