Made in Belfast


Once you mention, “Made in Belfast” to anyone who’s interested in dining and restauranting in the city, you’ll see a smirk appear. Already you get a hint of what’s to come.

Made in Belfast has now gained itself a firm reputation with its quirky turning of every item that can be grabbed and transforming it to be part of the decor, menu or even what you’ll be using to eat. The word, ‘Vintage’ is only half way there.

Now with an overwhelming interest in local produce, impressive beer and wine selection (and occasional cocktail knowledge), you get to realise that the stamp of, “Made in Belfast” means the very thing.

But we all know that hospitality is near the very top of the list in Northern Irish folk’s priorities. The knowledgeable staff with interest in their customers and food, you could arguably find yourself at probably the heart of the city.

Mainly because the restaurant has two main premises. One right beside the City Hall, the other situated by Saint Anne’s Square. Easily placed for tourist’s benefits and a reminder for Belfast folk of how close they are to activity and culture.

(City Hall) 1 & 2 Wellington Buildings, Wellington Street, Belfast
(Saint Anne’s Square) Cathedral Quarter, 23 Talbot Street
Telephone: (City Hall) 028 90246712