Maggie Mays Belfast

Need a spot to eat up and hang out?  As well as looking after the pennies?

  Maggie Mays has been a firm favourite for many around Belfast.  Right on Botanic Avenue it naturally attracts a solid student crew.  But don’t let that put you in the mind of young and hip.  If anything Maggie Mays is old, traditional and warm.  That’s one of the main reasons it’s so popular.

  With an awesome menu and agreeable atmosphere, no matter what age or demographic you come from, Maggie Mays is the gem we all need in Belfast.  A place that we can have fun at whilst eating. 

  One good thing about this joint is that it opens at reasonable hours.  You can catch a movie on the Dublin Road or the Queen’s Film Theatre and still be able to make it in time for a quick bite.  The staff all seem to be having a good time being there.  There’s just something quintessentially ‘Belfastian’ about the place.  Aside from traditional pubs, you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere else that has the atmosphere that speaks community and enjoyment and Northern Irishness.

  So with milkshakes to enjoy and creative meals at knock down prices, it almost feels like Maggie Mays should be up there with the Giant’s Causeway and the Bushmills Distillery  to work as a tourist attraction.  If ever anyone needed to see the classic side of Belfast this would be my first stop for them.  Never underestimate the hospitality and creativity held within Belfast.  Especially so close to the hub of learn at Queen’s University.

(This article relates to Maggie Mays located on Botanic Avenue.  There is another premise located on 2 Malone Road, Belfast)


50 Botanic Ave,

Belfast, BT7 1JR

Telephone: 028 90322662