Mollys Yard Belfast

Around the student area?  Caught a film at the Queen’s Film Theatre and looking for something of the utmost quality?  Taking a walk around the bustle of Botanic Avenue? Maybe its time for a visit to Mollys Yard!

Molly’s Yard is situated in the perfect place for these scenarios; in the University Quartre’s hub.  However there are those who go out of their way from various areas of Belfast to ensure a night at the great backstreet restaurant.

Now because of their location the folk at Molly’s Yard know what their demographic enjoy.  Students enjoy awesome food at regular prices, as well as widely available alcohol.  The restaurant has it all covered.

What Molly’s Yard really wants to convey is that sense of true Irishness about it.  The restaurant is set in a renovated stable from Victorian times.  Once you’ve taken in the impressive decor you can then start to focus on the menu.  This is where the real business starts to go down.

Irish cuisine isn’t as readily available as people think.  That’s why it’s been Molly’s Yard’s duty to ensure you get what so many of us are missing out on.

And always keep your eye on the group.  Because on occasion you’ll get very special events.  Menu changes yes, but also hosted events, theme nights and dress up evenings where you’ll have to mess up your style in order to be more yourself.

And if you can’t make it to their events, you can always use Molly’s Yard for your own.  Weddings in particular, but any event worth celebrating deserves an Irish twist on it.  It’ll be a time worth remembering.

A gem of Belfast….it can’t be denied.

Address: 1 College Green Mews, Belfast, BT7 1LW

Telephone: 028 90 322600