Obento Belfast


You may not know too much Japanese, but that’s not a problem. For anyone who wants to extend their taste bud’s adventurous nature, Obento could the next stop.

We’ve all had the general Chinese Take-Away, but Obento specialises in Japanese food and does have a different approach. As well as items you wouldn’t expect.

Sushi can be the main staple in trying something new. And Obento are rather flexible in what they do here. With options such in different styled fish, you can introduce yourself to new dishes with ease.

There are a range of different styles meaning you could be returning for further options soon enough.
But do try these after you’ve sampled traditional Japanese noodle soup, or even a light bite. And then there are the main dinner plates.

Different options in chicken, tofu and pork – the meal will be as fun as the surroundings. Casual and spacious, young and hip, the main vibe you get from Obento is that it’s meant to be fun.
Naturally you can choose to use the skilful chopsticks. But if not don’t let that stop you trying out the cutesy atmosphere of the ever interesting East of the World.

17 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1FB
Telephone: 028 90315054