Failte Belfast

Failte Belfast

One of the most popular destinations for the locals of Falls Road, Belfast is Failte, a real, Irish-style restaurant that serves up warm, hearty meals at reasonable prices. Failte is owned by Niall McGinn, a Scottish Premier League player for Aberdeen. This alone is enough to pique the attention of locals and visitors, but while it might be enough to draw the crowds, the food is more than enough to keep them coming back for more.

This place is usually buzzing with locals throughout the week, but it is especially busy on days when the restaurant offers some of its specials. Diners will want to be aware that booking a table is usually a good idea when visiting this establishment, and that waiting times could increase with the influx of the crowds. This is usually not a problem with diners, but it could be with those who are on a tighter schedule.

The restaurant specializes in beef, so diners should not miss out on giving this dish of choice a try. One of the best things about ordering a steaming plate of Irish cuisine from Failte is that the portions are quite large, and have a sort of a rustic charm. Most of the food is simple, but tasty, which means that diners can expect to walk away satisfied that they have spent their money well.

Although there are specials running throughout the week, Steak Tuesdays are exciting because diners can get their hands on a Sirloin, complete with chips and mushrooms, for only £9.95. This special runs between 16:00 and 21:00. The restaurant also boasts a variety of set menus where diners can pick from a one, two or three course meal for between £7.95 and £11.95.

Those who are looking to enjoy the great food without leaving the comfort of their own homes can call for delivery – Failte delivers within a 3 mile radius for only £1.50.

When a diner chooses to visit Failte, they will get the chance to rub shoulders with the locals and to dine as they do. The restaurant now boasts a branch on Castle street in Belfast.


147 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6AF



Holohans restaurant Belfast

Holohans restaurant Belfast

A Night on the River at Holohan’s

Holohan’s is a favourite among show-goers visiting the waterfront and it comes with a fantastic view of the Lagan. This should be enough to draw scores of patrons to the doors of this establishment, but it has so much more to offer than that.

The theme of Holohan’s is everything nautical, and since it is actually situated on a boat, patrons can expect a very unique experience when booking a table at this venue.

The cuisine itself is distinctly Irish and you won’t find small portions here – these are hearty meals that have been made to warm the hearts of even the most wind-chilled sailor. Many of the meals are served on rustic wooden boards, which add to the fun of the experience. This does not mean that patrons should not expect the same quality food they would receive in a fine dining restaurant because this establishment has gone to great lengths to ensure their meals can compete with the best of the best.

With that being said, patrons should expect a varied menu that includes dishes such as chicken and ham boxy, as well as pigeon. The prices of the dishes range from £7 to £22, which is very reasonable in this day and age.

Sometimes it is the small things that make an experience memorable. Anyone dining in Belfast will known how important parking is, for example, and luckily Holohan’s provides ample space for those who choose to drive to the establishment.

Since Holohan’s is small, patrons are advised to book in advance if they choose to dine at this establishment. While the size might make it just that little bit more difficult to get a table at the last minute, it does lend the restaurant a very cozy air, which is especially appealing on cold winter’s nights.

Guests can expect to have a truly memorable night when they book a table at Holohan’s. This establishment is not only unique in terms of the venue, but guests will notice the restaurant isn’t shy of warm, creativity and good pricing, and this is enough to make it truly stand out.


1 Lanyon Quay, Belfast, County Antrim, BT1 3LG



McHughs Bar Belfast

McHughs Bar Belfast

Get a Taste of the History of Belfast at McHugh’s Bar

McHugh’s bar is situated right next to the high street, in the very heart of Belfast. This bar originally started out as a private dwelling, built right on the docks in 1711, but it became a pub little more than four years later. It is the oldest building in Belfast, and while it is known as a pub, customers shouldn’t be fooled – it now boasts a really great restaurant on the top floor.

The bar was recently given a Grade A Listed Building title and customers are usually torn between visiting the establishment because of its historic status and visiting for the good food and drinks. This establishment offers more than just good pub food; visitors will be surprised at how much effort the business has put into ensuring they are able to keep up with the other top quality restaurants in Belfast.

Pass by McHugh’s on a Friday or Saturday and you will see customers milling around outside from the late afternoon, drinking a pint and taking in the view from this area of Belfast. The pub often boasts live bands, though this is a more common sight on Saturday afternoons.

The pub’s menu is really good, but the selection will depend on whether the restaurant is offering a set meal or something more a la carte. Expect everything from delicious, stone cooked steak to fish and chips, since this establishment serves it all.

The service is generally good from the moment you walk through the door. The staff are friendly and attentive, but keep in mind that it can get busy, so if you’re looking for a cosy, quiet atmosphere, be sure not to visit during their busiest times.

The building was recently expanded, but it still retains many of the original features. Some of these features include 18th century oak beams.

McHugh’s Belfast isn’t exactly as popular as the Crown Liquor Saloon, which tends to get a lot of attention from visitors, but it is one of Belfast’s hidden gems. It rests in the shadow of the Albert Clock, another historic Belfast landmark, and this along is enough to make it worth the trip.

Scalini Restaurant Belfast

Scalini Restaurant Belfast

menu banner

Straight from your dreams of perfect pasta, pizza and the Italian score is Scalini's.  Ever a firm fixture on Botanic Avenue, you can see from the moment you step in you’ll be set for a trip across Europe to the old country itself.  No matter what the weather is, you’ll immediately feel as if you’re in a remote warm location in Italy.

  At first you’ll be asked if you’d like a drink.  To not have a chilled glass of white or an organised cold beer would be wrong.  You’re here to relax.  You’re here to allow every sumptuous element take its measure and transport you to practical perfection.

  The restaurant was started in 2001.  Ever since it’s made its mark for Italian eateries across the city.

  With three floors, each one with its own character and set design, around and above you, there’s the probability that you could boast travelling to idealistic areas of Italy’s back garden without ever leaving South Belfast.

  Scallinis can cater for your exciting meal out, your special birthday and even the regulatory Sunday meal with the family.  Here you can warmly join family and friends together. 

  Become inaugurated in Italian hospitality and take advantage of the extensive wine list.  Bask in the rustic scenery around you.  And swallow the hearty Italian fare that needs to be tasted to be believed.

  With heavy experience in cooking and people’s needs, the chefs at Scallinis can easily cater for any special needs.  Whether it be a different pasta shape you prefer or you require a Gluten Free Pasta, Scallinis is well equipped to throw out the best in Italian foods.

  Make sure you try and pass along the garlic bread.

Address: 85 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JL

Telephone: 028 90320303


Maggie Mays Belfast

Maggie Mays Belfast

Need a spot to eat up and hang out?  As well as looking after the pennies?

  Maggie Mays has been a firm favourite for many around Belfast.  Right on Botanic Avenue it naturally attracts a solid student crew.  But don’t let that put you in the mind of young and hip.  If anything Maggie Mays is old, traditional and warm.  That’s one of the main reasons it’s so popular.

  With an awesome menu and agreeable atmosphere, no matter what age or demographic you come from, Maggie Mays is the gem we all need in Belfast.  A place that we can have fun at whilst eating. 

  One good thing about this joint is that it opens at reasonable hours.  You can catch a movie on the Dublin Road or the Queen’s Film Theatre and still be able to make it in time for a quick bite.  The staff all seem to be having a good time being there.  There’s just something quintessentially ‘Belfastian’ about the place.  Aside from traditional pubs, you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere else that has the atmosphere that speaks community and enjoyment and Northern Irishness.

  So with milkshakes to enjoy and creative meals at knock down prices, it almost feels like Maggie Mays should be up there with the Giant’s Causeway and the Bushmills Distillery  to work as a tourist attraction.  If ever anyone needed to see the classic side of Belfast this would be my first stop for them.  Never underestimate the hospitality and creativity held within Belfast.  Especially so close to the hub of learn at Queen’s University.

(This article relates to Maggie Mays located on Botanic Avenue.  There is another premise located on 2 Malone Road, Belfast)


50 Botanic Ave,

Belfast, BT7 1JR

Telephone: 028 90322662

Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

The latest addition to Victoria Square’s complex is the Italian sensation of Prezzo.  The New York-ish type decor and seating arrangements allow all sizes of groups to be accommodated.  This includes outside seating for summer days when the Belfast buzz gets going.

Traditional pizza is a must as we’ve become accustomed so much with Take-Away.  Now we have Prezzo who look after fresh ingredients, insist on readily over baked pizza base and serve with a European flavour that is distinguished the moment you start to bite.  But is pizza isn’t your thing, their pasta dishes are beyond perfection.

If after these you have time and room for dessert, always take up the recommendations of the staff.  They’ll probably introduce you to something you’ve never had before.  And that’s what part of eating out experience is about.

Despite all this class, you can certainly bring the kids.  In fact you’re implored to – with an impressive menu for them at the most bargained price seen at any restaurant, you now know there’ll be a space to be made for them.

But if its adults only then why not indulge in the extensive wine menu – as well as other alcoholic drinks being on offer?  The invitation is too high not to.  Within stylish surroundings and ultimately comfortable booths, you can find yourself in an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere.

And to be totally seasonal when it comes to the summer you have to keep your eyes peeled for the incoming menu revitalisation.  Beautiful new items appear to suit sunny day’s taste buds.  Perfect with that white wine you’ll be selecting from the shelf.

For those of you who are social network wizs, follow Prezzo on Twitter: @love_prezzo for updated and exclusive offers.

Prezzo, Victoria Square, Belfast, BT1 4QB

Telephone: 028 90311641

Made in Belfast

Made in Belfast


Once you mention, “Made in Belfast” to anyone who’s interested in dining and restauranting in the city, you’ll see a smirk appear. Already you get a hint of what’s to come.

Made in Belfast has now gained itself a firm reputation with its quirky turning of every item that can be grabbed and transforming it to be part of the decor, menu or even what you’ll be using to eat. The word, ‘Vintage’ is only half way there.

Now with an overwhelming interest in local produce, impressive beer and wine selection (and occasional cocktail knowledge), you get to realise that the stamp of, “Made in Belfast” means the very thing.

But we all know that hospitality is near the very top of the list in Northern Irish folk’s priorities. The knowledgeable staff with interest in their customers and food, you could arguably find yourself at probably the heart of the city.

Mainly because the restaurant has two main premises. One right beside the City Hall, the other situated by Saint Anne’s Square. Easily placed for tourist’s benefits and a reminder for Belfast folk of how close they are to activity and culture.

(City Hall) 1 & 2 Wellington Buildings, Wellington Street, Belfast
(Saint Anne’s Square) Cathedral Quarter, 23 Talbot Street
Telephone: (City Hall) 028 90246712

Rhubarb Belfast

Rhubarb Belfast

Rhubarb was established back in 2008 by local chef Norman Green. Norman had worked under such established chefs as Cath Gradwell at the renowned Aldens and obtained a supberb insight into the industry.

So he felt it was the right time to go out on his own. Norman also worked at the old Café Rouge in Ballyhackamore and left there there as Head Chef with the aim of starting  his own restuarant.

Rhurbarb concentrates on serving up dishes using locally sourced ingredients and their fresh seafood is obtained from Marty Johnston at East Coast Seafood.

Rhubarb is an unlicensed restaurant, so you can bring your own alcohol  which will enable you to save money, which is great of course.

Click here for sample menu

The restuarant  is very close to the Grand Opera House and indeed most of the city centre atractions. Its chefs have an wonderful  pre-theatre menu which will complete any night out in Belfast!


2 Little Victoria St,


028 9020 0158



Zen Restaurant Belfast

Zen Restaurant Belfast


A dramatic and attractively furnished contemporary interior lends to the experience of select Japanese cuisine at Zen. Marvellous ultra violet interior designs accompanied by a conventional Japanese decor does not take away from a single and personal eating experience, with a seating arrangement which raises comfortableness and privacy.

You will be impressed from the start as their fountain and gilded lotus flowers, welcomes you as you arrive in the restaurant.

The ground floor hosts a conventional Japanese scene, with a  Buddha head keeping an eye on the entrance!

The first floor is totally about glossy, contemporary design, and fresh style, with a modern ‘booth’ style seating area.

For special functions a group private dining option is provided in the Tatami room. No expense was spared in the rebirth of this city centre warehouse to a  exciting, impressive restaurant, complete with cocktail and sushi bars.

Zen also caters for those with more restrained time-honoured tastes, offering up a range of 'Fusion cuisine' comprising of Japanese and Asian cuisine with a Western mix.

A great drinks list completes the menu and also provides a considerable array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Beers, fine wines and cocktails from the bar which provides for every taste.

55-59 Adelaide Street

AM:PM Belfast

AM:PM Belfast

At AM:PM you've the option of two chic upmarket establishments. AM:PM in Arthur Street, Belfast is ideal for early  breakfast or lunch time trysts. Experience décor that is more similar to 1950’s Soho London. It heats up at the weekend with a few of Belfast’s finest up and coming DJ’s every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There are 3 levels of dining indulgence at the  AM:PM events suite. Perfect for weddings, christenings, corporate events, and private functions.
When the weekend comes why not revel in an after work restaurant menu on Fridays at Arthur Street a welcoming mix of early 50’s classics to contemporary urban beats while Saturday’s DJ serves up the perfect main course.

40-42 Upper Arthur Street

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