Shimla Indian Restaurant

Shimla received the Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and is known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Belfast, even with the stiff competition that exists for this title within the city. The establishment also delivers, although patrons will not want to miss actually visiting the restaurant for a top quality dining experience.

There are a variety of dishes that will have customers coming back time and time again, including the Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala and the Mixed Tandori Platter. The latter is made up of succulent peices of chicken, lamb and even sheek kebab and gives patrons a taste of the various meats offered by the restaurant.

Not only is this establishment well known for the attention that is put into preparing their food, but the staff are so welcoming that customers will have a hard time leaving. With the attention that is showered on the patrons, it is no wonder that the restaurant is packed to the brim on the weekends.

The cost of the food is very fair. Customers can expect dishes to range from £2.95 to £8.00, which is very reasonable. The menu is extremely big, which means patrons will have no difficulty in finding their favourite dishes, including some new and exciting additions. Adventurous diners will have an exciting time picking out specials that they might not have previously had the chance to try and this can really add to the excitement of a night out.

The meals are presented very nicely and each dish looks as good as it tastes. Anyone looking to try something new will be happy to know that the staff are knowledgeable and will be more than happy to make suggestions.

Patrons who choose to dine at Shimla once will usually continue returning to the restaurant time and time again. The decor and lighting complements late night dining, which is usually when the majority of patrons tend to pay a visit to the establishment.

Anyone looking for a top class dining experience will be happy to know that Shimla has all of this to offer and so much more besides.


396 Woodstock Road, Belfast, BT6 9DQ