Shimla Indian Restaurant

Shimla Indian Restaurant

Shimla received the Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and is known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Belfast, even with the stiff competition that exists for this title within the city. The establishment also delivers, although patrons will not want to miss actually visiting the restaurant for a top quality dining experience.

There are a variety of dishes that will have customers coming back time and time again, including the Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala and the Mixed Tandori Platter. The latter is made up of succulent peices of chicken, lamb and even sheek kebab and gives patrons a taste of the various meats offered by the restaurant.

Not only is this establishment well known for the attention that is put into preparing their food, but the staff are so welcoming that customers will have a hard time leaving. With the attention that is showered on the patrons, it is no wonder that the restaurant is packed to the brim on the weekends.

The cost of the food is very fair. Customers can expect dishes to range from £2.95 to £8.00, which is very reasonable. The menu is extremely big, which means patrons will have no difficulty in finding their favourite dishes, including some new and exciting additions. Adventurous diners will have an exciting time picking out specials that they might not have previously had the chance to try and this can really add to the excitement of a night out.

The meals are presented very nicely and each dish looks as good as it tastes. Anyone looking to try something new will be happy to know that the staff are knowledgeable and will be more than happy to make suggestions.

Patrons who choose to dine at Shimla once will usually continue returning to the restaurant time and time again. The decor and lighting complements late night dining, which is usually when the majority of patrons tend to pay a visit to the establishment.

Anyone looking for a top class dining experience will be happy to know that Shimla has all of this to offer and so much more besides.


396 Woodstock Road, Belfast, BT6 9DQ



Bia Restaurant

Bia Restaurant


bia belfastBia is one of those must-sees for anyone looking for an authentic Northern Irish experience. Whether they are visiting or living nearby, Bia has something extraordinary to offer.

The restaurant is based in the Gaeltacht quarter of the city, in the Culturlann building in West Belfast, so it is no wonder this Irish bistro is attracting so much attention.

The building in which the restaurant is situated also boasts a souvenir shop, so visitors can take away more than just full bellies when they pay a visit to this establishment.

Expect the restaurant to be at its busiest on from Thursday right through to Saturday. The restaurant is not always packed to the rafters during these nights, but it is definitely a good idea to book in advance for anything looking for an evening meal at the restaurant over the weekend.

One of the more appealing facets about a visit to Bia is that the menu is so unique. While patrons can expect a wide range of authentic Irish dishes, they can also feast on dishes inspired by Asian fusion, as well as simple, yet delicious sandwiches. Most who pay a visit to this restaurant will recommend that patrons try the steak, since this tends to be one of the restaurant’s specialities.

Pricing is very fair for the meals served at Bia, but it is the BYO option that really has heads spinning. The staff is friendly and welcoming, but then again, so is the environment. There is something about the candlelight that welcomes Patrons in on cold, windy Northern Irish nights.

The decor is simple, yet cosy and it complements the food very well. The combination of the great pricing, warm environment and quality food seems to attract families and groups of friends just as easily as it does couples who are searching for a romantic night on the town.

The Bia is fast becoming one of Belfast’s highly regarded secrets and it is for good reason. It seems that this establishment knows what clients are looking for in a quality dining experience.



216 Falls Road,


BT12 6AH

Telephone: 02890964184

Holohans restaurant Belfast

Holohans restaurant Belfast

A Night on the River at Holohan’s

Holohan’s is a favourite among show-goers visiting the waterfront and it comes with a fantastic view of the Lagan. This should be enough to draw scores of patrons to the doors of this establishment, but it has so much more to offer than that.

The theme of Holohan’s is everything nautical, and since it is actually situated on a boat, patrons can expect a very unique experience when booking a table at this venue.

The cuisine itself is distinctly Irish and you won’t find small portions here – these are hearty meals that have been made to warm the hearts of even the most wind-chilled sailor. Many of the meals are served on rustic wooden boards, which add to the fun of the experience. This does not mean that patrons should not expect the same quality food they would receive in a fine dining restaurant because this establishment has gone to great lengths to ensure their meals can compete with the best of the best.

With that being said, patrons should expect a varied menu that includes dishes such as chicken and ham boxy, as well as pigeon. The prices of the dishes range from £7 to £22, which is very reasonable in this day and age.

Sometimes it is the small things that make an experience memorable. Anyone dining in Belfast will known how important parking is, for example, and luckily Holohan’s provides ample space for those who choose to drive to the establishment.

Since Holohan’s is small, patrons are advised to book in advance if they choose to dine at this establishment. While the size might make it just that little bit more difficult to get a table at the last minute, it does lend the restaurant a very cozy air, which is especially appealing on cold winter’s nights.

Guests can expect to have a truly memorable night when they book a table at Holohan’s. This establishment is not only unique in terms of the venue, but guests will notice the restaurant isn’t shy of warm, creativity and good pricing, and this is enough to make it truly stand out.


1 Lanyon Quay, Belfast, County Antrim, BT1 3LG



Home Restaurant

Home Restaurant

‘Money can buy you a house but it can’t buy you a home,’ they say. However when it comes to Home Restaurant, a little money can buy you similar comforts. Their slogan ‘Feel Good Food’ is very much their heart. Where you can grab a warm meal the likes of which are inspired by those which are created in traditional farmhouses.

Originally as a POP-UP restaurant in a Belfast back street, Home Restaurant’s popularity extended its stay in the city. Now it’s in plain sight, close to City Hall, establishing itself as a firm fixture of the scenery that Belfast folk are so proud of.
The whole ideaology hasn’t changed, even if the location has.

Wholesome and comforting food is the aim of the game. From 10am it’s a simple coffee and pastry affair. However the tastes that are to be experienced are nothing simple. They’re extraordinary – putting us back to a time when we would be treated from the greatest local produce. Once 11am kicks it you can have a fabulous deli lunch.

The assortment of soups and salads and sandwiches should astound. You can sit in or take away if you’re needed elsewhere.
Then 12noon steps in and it’s officially time for the restaurant itself to flourish. And whatever your dietary needs, Home Restaurant has it all covered. Whether you are a vegetarian or watching one’s intake of calories, the menus available can help you track down exactly what you need.
Best to call for reservations when it comes to the weekend.

Home Restaurant has attracted all sorts of credible attention, and allows us to see the great attitudes of Belfast catering.

Address: Wellington Place, Belfast, BT1 6GE

Scalini Restaurant Belfast

Scalini Restaurant Belfast

menu banner

Straight from your dreams of perfect pasta, pizza and the Italian score is Scalini's.  Ever a firm fixture on Botanic Avenue, you can see from the moment you step in you’ll be set for a trip across Europe to the old country itself.  No matter what the weather is, you’ll immediately feel as if you’re in a remote warm location in Italy.

  At first you’ll be asked if you’d like a drink.  To not have a chilled glass of white or an organised cold beer would be wrong.  You’re here to relax.  You’re here to allow every sumptuous element take its measure and transport you to practical perfection.

  The restaurant was started in 2001.  Ever since it’s made its mark for Italian eateries across the city.

  With three floors, each one with its own character and set design, around and above you, there’s the probability that you could boast travelling to idealistic areas of Italy’s back garden without ever leaving South Belfast.

  Scallinis can cater for your exciting meal out, your special birthday and even the regulatory Sunday meal with the family.  Here you can warmly join family and friends together. 

  Become inaugurated in Italian hospitality and take advantage of the extensive wine list.  Bask in the rustic scenery around you.  And swallow the hearty Italian fare that needs to be tasted to be believed.

  With heavy experience in cooking and people’s needs, the chefs at Scallinis can easily cater for any special needs.  Whether it be a different pasta shape you prefer or you require a Gluten Free Pasta, Scallinis is well equipped to throw out the best in Italian foods.

  Make sure you try and pass along the garlic bread.

Address: 85 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JL

Telephone: 028 90320303


Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

Prezzo Restaurant Belfast

The latest addition to Victoria Square’s complex is the Italian sensation of Prezzo.  The New York-ish type decor and seating arrangements allow all sizes of groups to be accommodated.  This includes outside seating for summer days when the Belfast buzz gets going.

Traditional pizza is a must as we’ve become accustomed so much with Take-Away.  Now we have Prezzo who look after fresh ingredients, insist on readily over baked pizza base and serve with a European flavour that is distinguished the moment you start to bite.  But is pizza isn’t your thing, their pasta dishes are beyond perfection.

If after these you have time and room for dessert, always take up the recommendations of the staff.  They’ll probably introduce you to something you’ve never had before.  And that’s what part of eating out experience is about.

Despite all this class, you can certainly bring the kids.  In fact you’re implored to – with an impressive menu for them at the most bargained price seen at any restaurant, you now know there’ll be a space to be made for them.

But if its adults only then why not indulge in the extensive wine menu – as well as other alcoholic drinks being on offer?  The invitation is too high not to.  Within stylish surroundings and ultimately comfortable booths, you can find yourself in an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere.

And to be totally seasonal when it comes to the summer you have to keep your eyes peeled for the incoming menu revitalisation.  Beautiful new items appear to suit sunny day’s taste buds.  Perfect with that white wine you’ll be selecting from the shelf.

For those of you who are social network wizs, follow Prezzo on Twitter: @love_prezzo for updated and exclusive offers.

Prezzo, Victoria Square, Belfast, BT1 4QB

Telephone: 028 90311641

Zen Restaurant Belfast

Zen Restaurant Belfast


A dramatic and attractively furnished contemporary interior lends to the experience of select Japanese cuisine at Zen. Marvellous ultra violet interior designs accompanied by a conventional Japanese decor does not take away from a single and personal eating experience, with a seating arrangement which raises comfortableness and privacy.

You will be impressed from the start as their fountain and gilded lotus flowers, welcomes you as you arrive in the restaurant.

The ground floor hosts a conventional Japanese scene, with a  Buddha head keeping an eye on the entrance!

The first floor is totally about glossy, contemporary design, and fresh style, with a modern ‘booth’ style seating area.

For special functions a group private dining option is provided in the Tatami room. No expense was spared in the rebirth of this city centre warehouse to a  exciting, impressive restaurant, complete with cocktail and sushi bars.

Zen also caters for those with more restrained time-honoured tastes, offering up a range of 'Fusion cuisine' comprising of Japanese and Asian cuisine with a Western mix.

A great drinks list completes the menu and also provides a considerable array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Beers, fine wines and cocktails from the bar which provides for every taste.

55-59 Adelaide Street

Mourne Seafood Restaurant

Mourne Seafood Restaurant


Located beside Kelly’s Cellars Irish pub, the Mourne Seafood Bar serves locally sourced mussels, oysters, langoustines and lots of other lovely marine morsels.

Food is cooked traditional style or with a continental or Asian twist; select from the informal downstairs menu with half dozen oysters and Mourne mussel pots from £4.50, or splash out on an upstairs menu ranging from beer battered fish and chips to whole hot buttered lobster.

And, if fish isn’t your thing, prime cuts of Irish chicken and sirloin are also available.

Mourne’s aim is to serve up fresh local seafood at a reasonable price. To ensure freshness they purchase direct from the local ports of Annalong and Kilkeel on a daily basis. Their Mussels, oysters and cockles are sourced from shellfish beds at Ballyedmond in Carlingford Lough.

The upstairs room is available for private parties for up to approximately 35 people.

Mourne Seafood Bar,

34-36 Bank Street,

Belfast BT1 1HL,

Tel: (028) 9024 8544

Shu Restaurant Belfast

Shu Restaurant Belfast

Shu restaurant  is located in a pleasant Victorian terrace on Belfast's fashionable Lisburn Road. Fitted out in a modern style to produce a gleaming area with tons of natural light, the  restaurant interior is created by the  local designer Paul Horscroft.

Shu comprises a basement cocktail bar, the chief ground level restaurant complete with a theatre-style kitchen, and a private dining room situated on the 1st floor.

Their aim now is the same as when they started – that is  to offer a menu dishing up uncomplicated French-influenced food employing the finest seasonal ingredients, served up at a fair price, in a graceful location and with professional, yet easygoing, affable service.

Shu can cater for a range of group reservations which includes private parties, weddings and corporate events, The  restaurant can provide for up to 100 people to fit most requirements.

Their intrinsic Salon Privé for corporate entertaining can admit up to 24 people with a boardroom style table layout.
The basement bar region can accommodate parties of 65 for dinner or up to 100 guests for buffet style food or canapés. Shu can additionally provide DJs for most  events.

253 – 255 Lisburn Road

Cayenne Restaurant

Cayenne Restaurant

Cayenne is the gem in the crown of Belfast’s Shaftesbury Square. Opened up by Paul & Jeanne Rankin, Cayenne would be every bit at home in London or New York. A chic original interior is accompanied by an exciting menu that reflects the life Paul and Jeanne Rankin’s international culinary experience.

The effortless menu sits comfortably in the contemporary environment with signature dishes such as Salt ‘n’ Chilli Squid with chilli jam and aioli; Chinese red roast duck with udon noodles, bok choy, shaohsing and ginger dressing; soft centred chocolate cake with burnt orange ice cream.

The typical customers have their favourites that will always be on the menu!

Cayenne has been graded as one of the UK’s 'best restaurants' by the Observer Food Monthly magazine. The restaurant also has added private dining and conference rooms to their wondeful eating place.

7 Ascot House
Shaftesbury Square

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