Tale of Spice Dundonald

When it comes to Indian restaurants, the people of Belfast know their stuff, so any establishment that expects to impress really needs to step up their game. The Tale of Spice has impressed a lot of people with their quality food and hospitality, and this has quickly turned it into one of the more popular Indian-themed establishments in this area of the city.

Keep in mind this establishment is quite new. It has opened its doors in the same place where multiple restaurants have closed theirs, so it really seems as if they have their work cut out for them.

Tale of Spice is located in the Dundonald Omniplex, so expect it to be busy just before and after the cinema showings. Parking is rarely a problem, so there is no wondering around the city, trying to find a safe place to park, or long walks to the restaurant.

The restaurant is well set out, spacious and clean. At first, the restaurant takes on a very club-like look and feel, but once you sit down and get the chance to look around, you notice that it is quite stylish. The décor is particularly well suited for evening events.

The staff are friendly and always willing to go the extra mile – these are all great characteristics for a stellar establishment. Some of the dishes are quite exotic, so having helpful and knowledgeable staff around can really come in handy when the time comes to place an order.

The restaurant offers a variety of vegan meals, which is appealing considering the lack of vegan establishments in this, or indeed in most cities.

This establishment is very well known for its fast and efficient take-away service. In fact, there are many people who only ever order take-aways from Tale of Spice.

Meals range in price between £11 and £19, so it is fairly well priced.

Anyone looking for an exotic experience in a comfortable, familiar environment should look no further than Tale of Spice. There is definitely a reason this establishment is full every weekend and hopefully this is something that will continue for many years to come.


Unit 2B Eastpoint Entertainment Village,

Old Dundonald Road,

Dundonald, Belfast,

BT16 1XT.

Telephone: 02890487676