Tedfords Restaurant


Tedfords has developed a reputation as one of the highest quality restaurants in Belfast, so people have come to expect quite a bit from this establishment. The restaurant received a Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and specializes in seafood.

The exterior of the restaurant is not much to write home about, but the interior has been put together very nicely indeed. The decor gives the restaurant an upmarket feel without making patrons feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.

It is usually a good idea to make a reservation when choosing to dine at Tedfords, especially on the weekends when it gets pretty busy. In some cases, the restaurant is booked weeks in advance, but guests could also be lucky enough to get a seat at the last minute on a quiet evening.

It is quite common for patrons to visit the restaurant just before a show at the theatre, which is located nearby. For this reason, the restaurant actually has a theatre dinner menu, which consists of only a few items, as well as the larger, a la carte menu, which is brought out later in the evening.

Just like every great restaurant, patrons can accept to receive a warm, friendly welcome and bread that is just as warm and inviting. This is only a prelude to the meals, which are labelled as fine dining and will give patrons an insight into just how creative good chefs can be when the sky is the limit.

The curried monkish is a particularly popular dish and comes with a side of greens. This sort of dish is simple and yet the chef has the ability to bring out all the finer flavours and textures that will have guests’ mouths watering until the very last bite.

The wine menu is another appealing facet of the establishment and the staff are knowledgeable enough to provide some excellent suggestions about the options that suit each menu item best.

When it comes to cost, the establishment isn’t too pricey when compared with its competitors. You can expect the cost of the meals to range between £13 and £27.

This is the sort of establishment that people will return to time and time again because each night is more memorable than the last.


5 Donegall Quay, Belfast, Country Antrim, BT1 3EA