The Apartment Belfast

The Apartment is settled in the heart of the city centre with beautiful views across the City Hall and its grounds. When it opened up in 2000, Apartment was the first of its kind in Belfast and can be accredited for resurrecting the city centre bar scene. Apartment burst onto the city centre panorama, driving foot-fall and making a much safer sophisticated ambience Belfast can be boastful of. Since opening, Apartment has been awarded a variety of awards and honours. To date it is registered as one of the Top 50 Bars in Europe by Easyjet and is also acknowledged by the Sauce Guides as one of the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the UK.

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 Open all day from 8am, Apartment provides for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch and evening meals, but is globally celebrated as a destination style bar and celebrity stamping ground. Dark wood panelling paired with creams, warm oranges and ambient illuminating produces a cool vibe all week, progressing to a funky weekend pre-club scene with DJs playing Thursday to Sunday.  The abundant cocktail list is second to none in Ireland and is done full justice by extremely well trained and driven staff. As for the food, the chef sources fresh, seasonal food, to make expert quality meals at very reasonable prices, establishing Apartment as a great bar and restaurant in Belfast.