The Dock Cafe Belfast

The Dock Cafe is perhaps one of the most interesting eating establishments in Belfast. This restaurant is based in the Titanic Quarter and it opened its doors back in 2012. What makes the establishment unique is that it doesn’t charge for the food and drinks served; it simply asked for donations based on what the customers think the food is worth.

The honesty box allows customers to decide what they would like to donate and it relies on the honesty of Belfast citizens to adhere to the policy. The good news is that it seems to be working. The establishment first started out as nothing more than a bare room with a couple of furnishings and it is now a fully fitted establishment that seems to be packed to the brim during peak hours.

All of the furnishings that customers will see set up in the shop have been donated and this gives the cafe a really eclectic, intriguing look. It is a place where stories are shared and made.

All food and beverages are served by teams of volunteers and it is promoted as a space for anyone and everyone to enjoy a coffee and something to eat. While the establishment is built on Christian values, no one is expected to take part or to even agree with these policies.

The cafe does boast a Prayer Garden, however, where people can come to feed their souls, as well as their stomachs.

Within the cafe, customers will find Dock Chaplains who are more than willing to discuss philosophical matters with anyone who is interested. Once again, this isn’t expected of anyone visiting the cafe.

Anyone looking for a new experience in a cosy and inviting environment will find the Dock Cafe to be a real treat. The Titanic Quarter itself is a lovely backdrop for this establishment, but patrons should expect it to be very busy during the afternoons, when students and professionals flock to the cafe.

The cafe usually closes at 5pm, so it’s not a place people can visit for dinner. The establishment doesn’t serve traditional dinner time meals, however, so this might be a good thing.

The Dock Café is definitely one of the most interesting establishments in Belfast and one that shines a light on the honest hearts of the people of Belfast.

Address: Titanic Quarter

, Belfast,

BT3 9DT.