The Hoose

The Hoose is located just above the Holywood Arches in east Belfast and boasts a really laid back setting. This is a bistro, so customers should expect the food to reflect this. Food is served throughout the day, including the evening, and each setting has something different to offer its guests.

Breakfasts are some of the more popular offerings advertised by The Hoose and because of its convenient location, patrons can expect the mornings to be very busy times for the staff at this establishment. The breakfasts are everything that guests could want in the first meal of the day – generous and well priced.

The food options are fairly simple, with most customers opting for the steak and pepper sauce. The desserts include options such as sticky toffee pudding and ice cream sundaes – delicious, even in their simplicity.

Anyone looking for something a bit more interesting will probably want to give the goat’s cheese bruschetta a try. This is something that establishment is quite well known for, so it attracts many curious customers to its doors.

The food is sourced from the local area and the restaurant takes pride in how fresh their ingredients are. The ingredients are ordered and delivered on a daily basis to ensure that the food is as fresh and flavourful as possible.

The decor is quite unique. Visitors are welcomed in through a neon pink front door and the interior walls are lined with wallpaper covered in a book decal. This decor makes for an interesting experience – if the conversation within a group starts to lull, patrons have a lot to look at.

Cleanliness is most definitely next to godliness when it comes to restaurants and the Hoose most definitely has taken this to heart. The entire place is nothing short of immaculate and customers often comment on how pleasant the bathrooms are.

Overall, patrons can look forward to a memorable experience when visiting the Hoose. This has become a favourite destination for many of the locals, so visitors should not be surprised to have it recommended to them when they choose to visit this area of Belfast.


52 – 54 Upper Newtonards Road,


Telephone: 028 90658216