The John Hewitt

The John Hewitt is the epitome of the Northern Irish pub, but patrons should not underestimate it just because of this – it also comes with a Certificate of Excellence that is received in 2014 and according to the locals, this award was more than well deserved.

This establishment serves local cuisine, including a variety of seafood dishes. Patrons should expect warm, tasteful and filling meals when they order off this menu, but perhaps one of the most exciting things about dining at the John Hewitt is the fact that meals are priced between $5 and $9. This alone makes dining within the establishment appealing.

The portions are particularly generous, just as you’d expect in a quality pub, which makes it all the more inviting. When it comes to specialities, this establishment is best known for its fish, which is served with crusty bread. There is also a selection of fresh vegetables served for anyone looking for a lighter, healthier meal option.

When it comes to variety, this restaurant is definitely not lacking. Customers can expect to try a range of local and even exotic dishes on the menu, depending on the time of year. These include items such as swordfish and sea bass, among others. Customers also have a variety of ales and ciders to enjoy when dining here.

The ale pub is based in the very heart of Belfast city centre, making it ideal for those looking to rub shoulders with the locals, as well as those who are just finishing work. Patrons can expect to find the place positively buzzing with people over the weekends – after all, this is one of Belfast’s most beloved establishments, if only by those that know it is there.

One of the best things about dining at the John Hewitt is that it is such a relaxing environment where friends can gather to have a pint, as well as where families can get together to enjoy a warm, hearty meal. Overall, this restaurant most definitely has something to offer just about everyone and it is perhaps this reason it remains one of the most popular destinations for the locals.


51 Donegall Street, Belfast, BT1 2FH