The National Grande Café

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Almost acting as one post to the entrance of Belfast’s cultural hubbub with the Merchant Hotel, The National Grande Café has been welcomed by the people of Belfast. For food. For craic. For culture…..for practical anything you could wish from such an establishment. And it sports the largest Beer Garden in Belfast. If that’s not an attraction in itself!

Acting as the pivotal place to catch up for coffee or grab a suitable and quick lunch, The National doesn’t stop that from leading you into the night. Wine and cocktails come part of the attraction, building up one’s appetite and sense of adventure for whatever you might have in mind to do that night.
The business occasionally plays host to art exhibitions and launches which is always exciting to see local talent.

Along with its top range of ingredients (in food and atmosphere), this all makes perfect for that bustle about town break you so need.
But not all is within the main National. In the adjacent building sits the new Patissere Mimi – the first high market artisan bakery in Belfast. Class seems to be given a new definition in Belfast. And everyone’s invited.

National Grande Café

62 – 64 High Street, Belfast,

Telephone: 028 90311130