The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse has called itself the home of the best steaks in Belfast and most diners would agree with that. This restaurant is owned by a butcher who comes from a farming family and so diners should expect that the establishment knows how to pick the best cuts there are. All of the beef used within the restaurant is bred locally, before being aged for at least 21 days.

The trademark of the Porterhouse restaurant is the Porterhouse steak, which comes in a 22oz size. This T-bone is then accompanied by a range of sides, including chips, mushrooms and a variety of mouth watering sauces.

Those who do not enjoy beef will have a lot to look forward to when visiting this establishment – while it specializes in beef, this is most certainly not all it has to offer. The establishment also boasts a broad menu that includes the freshest seafood, chicken, pork and even vegetarian options. Patrons will be happy to know that all of the items on the menu are locally sourced and made on the restaurant premises, and this includes the ice cream and the bread.

A great dining experience is not complete without a drinks selection, and Porterhouse offers a variety of cocktails, as well as a wine menu, to accompany their meals. The menu itself is not very diverse, but the restaurant has invested in increasing the quality of the selection, rather than the quantity.

The cost of the meals range from £10.95 to £28.95, which ensures that patrons will be able to choose a meal option that suits their tastes and their budgets. There are a variety of specials to pick from, including a Steak Dinner for 2 at £35. Patrons should be aware the restaurant is only open for dinner, except for Sundays, when it is open for lunch.

For a quality steak, locals and visitors don’t have to look much further than the Porterhouse restaurant in Belfast.


245 Lisburn Road, BT9 7EN