The West Cafe

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages at the West Cafe

The West Cafe is a small, but tasteful establishment in the heart of the city centre. This venue specialises in British cuisine and serves only breakfast and brunch, but anyone looking for a burst of flavour in every bite will certainly not want to miss this place.

Weekends tend to get very busy, so customers should expect to wait a few minutes for a table if they intend on visiting during the peak hours. Luckily, the staff tend to be very efficient, so patrons will not need to worry about waiting too long – lines for the counter usually move very quickly and food is fast to leave the kitchen, so patrons will not wait very long for a seat.

For a breakfast establishment, the West Cafe has a very wide selection of dishes. The restaurant specializes in its unique sandwiches, which tend to surprise customers on a regular basis, particularly because of the high quality ingredients that are used. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and this is something that customers appreciate in an establishment that serves brunch. Patrons will have a good chance of talking to the owner, who likes to welcome clients to the restaurant by stopping at various tables throughout the morning.

Customers will need to keep in mind that the establishment is small, but this adds to the cosy atmosphere of the place, especially during the cold, winter months. The decor is clean and simple and so is the presentation of the food, and customers will be happy to know that the pricing is really great. The food portions are certainly not small at all, so customers will get a great start to their day when they choose to visit the West Cafe.

Overall, these perks make the establishment a great place for a get together of family and friends. Due to the convenient location, this tends to be a popular destination for shoppers, as well as for anyone exploring the sights and sounds of the city of Belfast. The West Cafe is certainly not to be missed.


28 Castle Street, Unit 3, Belfast BT1 1HB